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American Driving Institute a team with A-L&L Driving Academy Inc is a driving school in Boston that provides instruction on safety and driving lessons to individuals age 16 and up. Here, we feature a small classroom setting that allows students to receive more personalized attention from our patient, friendly staff.

Between all of our instructors, we have more than 20 years of experience working with teens and new and not so new drivers. Our company has what it takes to properly instruct classes on safety and defensive driving. In addition, extra attention is given to nervous drivers.

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Sign Index and Guide

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2017 Drivers Manual.


We offer proper safety training on all the outlines set forth by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

This training provides safety on the roads in your vehicle. We also offer classroom sessions that strengthen confidence and driving abilities.

When our Students leave our Academy, they will have mastered the basics of driving and safety laws.

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Our Intructors

All A-L&L Driving Academys instructors complete an extensive pre-employment interview prior to being accepted into our training program. The training program for instructors consists of weeks of classroom and field training so they are knowledgeable about teaching methods, traffic laws, rules and regulations, in addition to defensive driving techniques.


Student Lessons

At A-L&L Driving Academy, two lessons may be scheduled at a time. The time of the lesson begins when your instructor picks you up at home or another convenient location. During the first lesson the instructor will be teaching and evaluation your driving. At the completion of this lesson, the instructor will present a recommendation so you will know how many lessons you will need to pass the road test.



You will be required to perform five maneuvers,Parallel parking,Reverse in a straight line,Three,point turn,Moving off,Parking along side a curb.


What to Expect

Mirrors - correct use
Signaling - in good time
Approach - speed, to corners, intersections, braking, proper use of gears
Positioning - straight driving and approaching and in turns
Turning - safely and legally
Observation - of traffic, pedestrians and objects
Judgement - of gaps in the traffic
Unexpected situations - recognition,safe correction
Vehicle Control - competent and smooth operation of the vehicle
Safety Margins


Check list

Do you have a valid permit?
Do you have photo ID?
Do you have your social security card?
Do you have the correct RMV fees?
Do you have appropriate footwear?
The vehicle being used must be appropriate for the class of License Test
The vehicle must be roadworthy and be sure to check
Current registration
All brake lights work
Indicators are working
Tires have sufficient tread
Horn works
Emergency brake holds

Passing The Test

Upon passing the road test the examiner will issue a competency certificate to applicant which must be taken to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to obtain the appropriate license.

Driving Test

The driving test is designed to be objective, fair and consistent. Before you undertake a Driving Test it is strongly advised that you take a course of instruction with a licensed instructor. This means you will be taught the correct technique and besides optimizing your chances of passing the driving test, it will also make you a better driver.